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Fantastic English language skill improvement from Kids to Adults. Improve your English Speaking, Reading and Writing skills with our experienced teachers. Our Services include.. ONLINE CLASSES AVAILABLE - オンライン英会話レッスンも受付中です。


Kids Class

Making English learning simple and fun. You can learn English while playing songs and playing games. Learn a lot of new words through role playing and Q&A. 

Aaaa Jr High Sssssschool

Junior High School

English basics starts from Junior High School. Learning the structure of English sentences and the simple techniques of making an English sentence on your own. 

High School

High School

In high school level, you will be able to study topics that are of interest in English language.  Improving English communication skills through constant interaction. 


Private Lessons

Individualized instruction focuses on the specific needs of the student. Different teaching methods can be applied based on the need and desire of the student in a personalized education program. Private lessons are often the best means of effective education. 

Parent Kid

Parent-Child study

Sometimes, the presence of an eager parent is most suited in the education of the child. Focus of the teacher as well as parent can be an effective method of study. Fantastic English curriculum has a unique way of implementing this program. 


Adult Class

Learning English is always fun and can be easy. It allows us to understand world better and faster. Learn different cultures and identities in the world with English skill. Learn Global Language and be a Global citizen. 


English Chat Salon

Converse with friends and mates in English to improve everyday conversational skills over tea and snacks. It’s the excellent way to present ourselves in a friendly English environment. 

English club

English Activities

Engage in activities to improve your English standard. Fantastic Eikaiwa provides you the special opportunity to use English language practically while actively participating in an English environment. 


Cultural Events

Learning English leads to being a Global citizen. Understanding other cultures and mingling with people from all across the Glob is a wonderful opportunity to expand our vision. 

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About Us

Fantastic English School & Cultural Center was established in 1995. For the last 25 years, we are providing services in education, language development and cultural exchange to make the world a happier place. 

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