Thank you always for your cooperation and interaction. We value human relationships and the wonderful possibilities for today and for the future that develop through our being connected!

Begley Kikaku inclusive disclaimer.

*ベグリー企画 ( BEGLEY KIKAKU or Begley Planning)

* 国際文化交流広場。

*ファンタスティック英会話 (Fantastic Eikaiwa Hiroba) web:

*Nice Club Culture Exchange

As well as any subsequently related pages posted on Facebook.


We at Begley Kikaku pride ourselves in interacting and staging an interactive society within society with the purpose of connecting peoples and cultures. In doing so we engage in a wide variety of activities. Some include the following.

English conversation school

Events orientated to learning various cultures

Regularly held conversation circle and activities related to that.

Regular meetings of members to better organize and deliberate our goals.

Taking part in some local activities and events, etc:

Here in we take the liberty to state that regarding to each respective category and possible newly adapted categories we wish our views to be understood with this disclaimer.

Interaction with us in whatever channel a person might choose it is understood that we as an organization (s) retain the right to NOT take responsibility for accidents caused by individuals.

We maintain the right to freely use photos, comments and directive about any number of activities in or on any one of our affiliated activities, homepages, circles, events, and meetings where two or more people are gathered.

Differences of opinion are welcomed but we will not be dictated by differing opinions or beliefs. And choose to adhere to our own policies with any given functioning group.


Let it be know that we at Begley Kikaku (ベグリー企画) as of this disclaimer that any interaction with BK is a totally private decision by the person attending and that BK does not take responsibility for any kind of adverse situation. This applies to all our affiliated internet sites and or pages.

Some of these are:

Begley Kikaku

Fantastic Eikaiwa Hiroba

Kokusai Bunka Kouryu Hiroba

Nice Culture Exchange Club

As well as any others mentioned in our Policy page and in our Homepage Links menu button.


Photo and info disclaimer for public events.

Nice Culture Club disclaimer.